Who We Are

The Remuneration Consultants Group (RCG) was formed in 2009 and represents the overwhelming majority of executive remuneration consultancy firms advising UK listed companies.

The aim of the RCG is the stewardship and development of a voluntary Code of Conduct ('The Code') that clearly sets out the role of executive remuneration consultants and the professional standards by which they advise their clients, whether their clients are Remuneration Committees or the executive management of the company.  The Group is not a trade body.  

The establishment and role of the RCG was recognised and welcomed in the Walker Report which was published in November 2009.

Our Responsibility

The Group is responsible for the maintenance of and future revisions to The Code. Every three years a review will be conducted by the Board led by an Independent Chairman. As part of the review process the Board will ensure that input is sought from all relevant stakeholders.  In addition, a review of The Code's effectiveness will be carried out every year. 

The exclusive role of the RCG is to periodically review The Code not to comment on substantive developments in executive remuneration practices or arrangements at individual companies. Remuneration consultants and their clients are encouraged to use The Code as the basis for agreeing terms of reference, and members of the RCG commit to discuss these issues with clients. It is these contractual relationships which then govern the terms of reference and responsibilities.